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Our library provides easy-to-access, clutter-free, relationship building resources for you and your organization. Our content is relevant to the vast majority of people, whether you are in large or small for-profit or nonprofit organization. We're building one of the largest, well organized collections of these relationship building tools. You can help.
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Case Studies

Relationship Fundraising Techniques Doubled Revenue. Partnership Councils Increased Campaign Revenue and Corporate Giving

Starting a Relationship is Easier than you Think – One Board Member's View

Event Provides Legacy Raising Over $5 Millon to Date

$60,000 Raised From One Board Member Lunch

Winter Gala Nets Over Half a Million Dollars in Tough Times

From The Lips of Grantmakers

Let's Have Lunch Together Lands A Job and Re-Engages Donors

One Relationship = Multi-Million Dollar Gifts

Relationships Bring Back $10,000 Donors


Relationship Keynote

Pages to Practices -
a Video Companion to Let's Have Lunch Together

Smart Mariages Plenary


Let's Have Lunch Together on a Page

Money Raising Tips

Relationship Strategies That

Build Your Capacity

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in capacity building. Our products focus solely on showing development professionals and their boards, step-by-step, how to grow their mission by making relationships stronger and more genuine.