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Marshall's 3 Most Popular Capacity Building Topics...

Are always customized to fit your audience and meeting goals

  1. Building Collaborative Relationships
    Have you ever met someone for the first time and, within just minutes, you felt a mutual rapport? It wasn't magic, luck, or something that happened accidentally. Author Marshall Howard reveals the secrets to connecting and quickly creating that genuine rapport time after time.
  2. Creating Genuine Trust
    Turn your meetings, calls and emails into triumphs through the power of a genuine connection. Learn Marshall's favorite ways to connect with others in a one-on-one setting: on the phone, at lunch, or over a cup of coffee. He'll show you how to deepen that connection and build more trust with anyone important to your work.
  3. Delivering Emotional Rewards
    Create cultivation strategies that go far beyond the "thank-you" letter or the occasional "ask" visit. People who give you their time, talent, treasury, and reputation all want a positive emotional payoff. They are willing to deliver wins to you, if you can deliver wins back.

Relationship Strategies That

Build Your Capacity

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in capacity building. Our products focus solely on showing development professionals and their boards, step-by-step, how to grow their mission by making relationships stronger and more genuine.