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Thank you so much for inviting me to the "goBeyondhello" in-service training with Marshall Howard. It was very informative and I enjoyed meeting more of my YMCA family. I wanted to touch base with you on the results of our coffee meeting.

Michael and I set a time to get together.

I called him to set up a destination and through the process of exploring where to meet for coffee, we discovered we both like the pumpkin latte at Starbucks. So, that was a no brainier. Starbucks it was! We met Thursday morning before my work out.

We spend about 45 min talking about each other (no shop). We talked about family, kids, where we grew up, college, career path and much more. It went easier than I thought. I felt it was nice we had the pumpkin latte as a common interest right from the start since it gave us a place to begin our conversation. Happens he also used to live in Seattle.

This was a great exercise.

I left feeling the invitation for someone to join you for coffee and starting that relationship isn't as hard as you think. Just finding out about someone else and talking about yourself takes the pressure off your (car manual... so to speak). I can see how a relationship with trust over time would progress to a more comfortable position asking for help or money. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

SG, Board Member - St. Louis YMCA

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