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Smart Marriages 2010....If ever families needed us, they need us now - yet funding is at an all-time low. Learn how to adapt your therapy, counseling, education skills and the power of genuine connections to raise money, market your resources and achieve larger social change for couples, families, and the village. More about Marshall   -    More about Julie

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This was well done and extremely useful. It makes the idea of marketing so much more feasible for me as presenters described it as building relationships by being interested and caring about others--just what I'm really good at.

I was engaged through the whole meeting and learned a bunch of useful techniques for building relationships. I tend to be too much about business and learned the value of just getting to know people. Great presentation.

I need to hear these types of presentations, because this is by far the weakest area of my business. Marketing is difficult for me. I liked Marshall's idea of meeting with someone and just getting to know them. Takes the pressure off of myself to sell myself. Relationships do tend to build the best referrals

Effective, humorous...extraordinary. Something I intuitively knew but it was a good reminder of what we often miss in promoting good relations...building good relationships.

A very good balance of substance and entertainment!

Excellent! His presentation help me put 20 years of experience into perspective and reframe my personal style. Thanks for having him, it was very helpful.

With the harder times and our resources disappearing, those kind of tips unfold their values many many times

Motivating! Love the concept - especially since I am in a nonprofit. I am walking away with many concrete ideas.

This gave me insight into the power of building relationships. I have already set a date with a person who is key to the expansion of marriage ministries in my church with the intention of just getting to know him. I am excited to move forward with this new focus of ministry. I know it will help me hold the truth that it is God's ministry. It feels so much more authentic and congruent. I feel relieved with the pressure of persuasion off my shoulders. Thank you.

Revoluntary information. Truly enjoyed

Excellent suggestions on how to form relationships in the community that support each other and the community. Marshall Howard gave us excellent ideas and thought provoking challenges.

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