makes capacity building
an easy to follow process

Our Products Build Capacity...

The goBeyondhello family of web-based / DVD training courses and publications, show you how to connect with others easier and faster in your own personal style.

Learn the How-to's

The power of relationships can help you:
  • Grow Your Capacity
  • Secure More Major and Planned Gifts
  • Make Fundraising Comfortable for Your Board
  • Increase Event Profits
  • Maintain Long Standing Sponsorships
  • Connect with Grantmakers
  • Build an Influential Board
  • Grow Your Donor Base
  • Keep Donors Happy and Connected
  • Create a Clear Path of Succession
  • Give Back to Donors
  • Strengthen Volunteer Partnerships

Take a moment to preview the products inspired by the learning novel that started it all....Let's Have Lunch Together

Publications and Videos

Relationship Strategies That

Build Your Capacity

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in capacity building. Our products focus solely on showing development professionals and their boards, step-by-step, how to grow their mission by making relationships stronger and more genuine.