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Take a moment to explore how your colleagues have achieved more through one relationship at a time. Over the years we've helped tons of people in nonprofits raise more money through the power of relationships.

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Just Having Lunch Raises Millions
Case Study: Blood Bank Defies Consultants with Successful Capital Campaign

Relationship Fundraising Techniques Doubled Revenue
Case Study: Partnership Councils Increased Campaign Revenue and Corporate Giving

Board President Finds His Own Victoria and Raises $110,000
Case Study: Shows How Our Process Comfortably Engages Board Members in Fundraising

Event Provides Legacy Raising Over $6 Million to Date
Case Study: Youth Organization Grows Event Into Major Vehicle For Sustainability

$60,000 Raised From One Board Member Lunch
Case Study: Board Member Becomes Motivated to Reach Out

Mashed Potatoes and Philanthropic Gifts
Case Study: Shows How Reaching Out to Existing Donor Can Yield a Great Reward

Winter Gala Nets Over Half a Million Dollars in Tough Times
Case Study: How to Encourage Giving in Tough Times

From The Lips of Grant makers
Case Study: Relationships Play Big Role in Grant making

Let's Have Lunch Together Lands A Job and Re-Engages Donors
Case Study: Reviving Lagging Sales and Creating Enthusiasm with Repeat Donors

One Relationship = Multi-Million Dollar Gifts
Case Study: College Fundraiser Shows "How to Chase the Relationship, Not the Money"

Relationships Bring Back $10,000 Donors
Case Study: Answering Tough Questions and Making the "Ask or Sale"

Relationship Strategies That

Build Your Capacity

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in capacity building. Our products focus solely on showing development professionals and their boards, step-by-step, how to grow their mission by making relationships stronger and more genuine.