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Board President Finds His Own Victoria and Raises $110,000

Letter from David Steinmeier, Owner, microJoining Solutions, international consulting source for high tech metal joining processes and Board President, Foothill Unity Center, Monrovia, California

After reading Marshall's book and with a little coaching, I was inspired to reach out using his relationship techniques. We have some very big goals that will take a paradigm shift to reach.

To begin, I decided to reconnect with a former supporter, a prominent local banker who is a dynamic fundraising force in our community. She had been affiliated with our agency years ago, but drifted away.

Since I travel all over the world for my business, I'm rarely in the same time zone as people I am trying to reach. Using the telephone and emails are a crucial way for me to stay connected. I started calling her and discussing what our agency was now doing. Part of our conversations included more personal topics such as our families, my travels and my personal goals.

After several weeks of multiple calls and emails, she asked me, 'What do you need for your annual Back-to-School event?' Since more than 1,800 students registered, I listed the supplies we urgently needed such as backpacks, school uniforms and other clothes, supplies and beauty items.

To my amazement, she went to bat for us and secured $10,000 from her bank's foundation plus over $100,000 of in-kind donations from another foundation! I was shocked.

Now we talk or email almost daily and like Marshall advises, together we are moving up the relationship ladder. We have formed a strong partnership together. She's helping me meet larger corporate sponsors and has even arranged a luncheon with her boss.

She has become my Victoria.

She's making me grow in ways that are becoming more comfortable. What's different in our relationship now? I found out who she is as a person; very open and honest. She motivates people to help us in ways that I can't.

The hardest part of Marshall's model to follow is not asking for money immediately. As a board leader, it's new and a little uncomfortable. I've discovered that I just need to reach out and be genuine. Best of all, I didn't even have to ask for the $110,000 gift.

It seems like Marshall's relationship process is less work than the way we were doing it before and a lot more fun. Once you get into relationship-building, it becomes enjoyable. In fact, this process also helps me in my business. With international clients, I have to do 'lunch' via email. Now, I am talking and emailing them with personal notes on a more regular basis. This is producing more leads for me, again without asking.

Thanks Marshall, this really works!


David Steinmeier

Owner, microJoining Solutions and Board President, Foothill Unity Center, Monrovia, California

Foothill Unity Center is a Community Action Agency in Southern California.

They distribute close to $4 million pounds of food to almost 4,000 families. The Center also provides job assistance, medical care and other vital services to help those in crisis become self-sufficient. About 40% of their funds come from government and the balance is private. For the past five years, 90 to 96% of every dollar has gone to programs.

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