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No Board? No problem

"Although we are a national health agency, most of our funds are raised at the grassroots in small amounts. We realized we needed to reach out to everyone and add a strong major gifts component. Marshall worked with our staff statewide to uncover these donors. We don't have board members, so he trained our development staff to cultivate donors and begin a Partnership Council. With Marshall's counseling, they learned the art of cultivation. Once they established a relationship, they learned how to comfortably uncover new leads from these donors. As we got a significant number of people on board, Marshall then trained our volunteers to comfortably fundraise. After only two years, one of our councils decided to raise the bar substantially and became the cabinet: for a capital campaign. This really pushed our fundraising efforts ahead significantly and our staff learned crucial new skills.
J.F. ' Development Director ' California Health Organization

Small Town Big Results

"As Board member in a small city, I was not able to contribute a large sum of money. I always wanted to do more but couldn't figure out how to make more of an impact. Finally, Marshall was hired by our agency. He understood my worth ' not in dollars ' but in connections. He encouraged me to work with our Board Chair and Development Director to open doors around town. As the former football coach and principal, I knew just about everyone, through my connections we raised $570,000. It was a great experience and really made me feel fulfilled."
B.F. ' Board Member ' Fresno, California

Surpassing the Competition

From Smart Marriages plenary speech:
"You know, we all talk about sustainability and how we are going to keep our doors open. I came from the corporate world and, at first, did not understand fundraising. We've gotten some government grants and now we are moving back to private funding. There is tremendous competition for the charitable dollar in Chattanooga. I brought Marshall in to work with my board they were totally blown out the water. These principles work wherever you are. We are really excited about working with Marshall."
Julie Baumgardner - Executive Director - First Things First ' Chattanooga, TN

Adding Legacy to Events

"Thanks to Marshall Howard and his consulting, we have a golf event that, not only has raised $5 million for our students since inception, but is a vehicle to build relationships with some of the most influential business leaders in our area. The relationships we have built with our committee members encourages them to keep expanding their reach and uncovering new resources. The event reached $650,000 this year (2010) and brought in 578 golfers. What a tremendous legacy!"

Watch the video Richard George ' President ' Junior Achievement of West Central Florida, Clearwater, FL

Bringing Hospital Fundraising to Life

As a long-time development director, I understood what to do to make a major gift ask. But what Marshall really did here in Omaha was train my board. He showed them how to bring in other contacts to join them on our partnership council. He made the council members feel comfortable divulging their resources and trusting me to accompany them to deepen the relationship. We chose a new medical facility as our fundraising project and the first year, we exceeded our goal. Even our doctors became comfortable connecting with their patients. Marshall provided a very valuable vehicle to launch a capital campaign.
R.O. ' former Vice President Development ' Hospital Foundation

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