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"Buy this groundbreaking book. Go off and read it at lunch. Then follow the steps and never eat lunch alone again."

Dr. Tim Seiler, Ph.D.
Public Service and The Fundraising School Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

"As a major gift fundraiser of 16 years, I found this a transforming book. It presents the single most important lesson for major gift fundraising. Marshall Howard shows nonprofit leadership how to tap into their own individual strengths, talents, and potentials to create a stronger bond with current and future donors: to trust in their own personal ability. He shows how pressures and discomforts can be eliminated and how major gifts work doesn't have to feel like work at all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Highly recommended."

Gary B. Grant, JD
Vice President of Development University of North Texas Health Science Center

"This book made me re-think the way I do things with regard to boards and fundraising-not some more 'principles of fund development,' you gave me the how-tos. It's now required reading in our fundraising courses. As a professor of sociology, I review lots of textbooks. What a relief when I read Let's Have Lunch Together. Much more rich and applicable than a traditional textbook. Clear, concise, with identifiable characters."

Matthew A. Jendian, Ph.D.
Director, American Humanics Nonprofit Administration Program California State University, Fresno

"Spending time with this book is the most fun I've ever had being trained. This learning novel approach to relationship building is the best I've ever experienced. The story captured my heart, and then my mind, as it moved me along a process of self-discovery and ultimately to enlightenment. At first I resisted, then I realized, 'This is my story.' I finally got the 'Ah ha.' This is a resource that I will use over and over again for many years."

Tim Reese,
Executive Director California/Nevada Community Action Partnership

"I liked the book. We often get caught up in the nuts and bolts of the right thank-you letters and tracking numbers and we forget about relationships. I think I'm lucky to have passion for my work and possess the skills needed to build relationships. The book did make me do some things I needed to do. It was a great motivator! "

D. Gierke
Development Director Toledo School for the Arts

"Food for the Gods for those who dare to master the power of strategic relationships. Exceptionally beneficial for the seasoned veteran, the novice fundraiser, and to empower board members. A must read for stalled or stymied growth. Kudos to Marshall Howard for removing the mystique, sharing the coveted secrets, and all the benefits of a powerful relationship through his simple, step-by-step, 'laptop references'-benefits which can also be applied to our personal daily lives."

DeNelle Ellison,
Director Marketing, Fund Development, and Special Events Greater Sacramento Urban League

"I wish I had this book years ago as Vice President of Development at Inova Health Systems. It would have been required reading for both my staff as well as volunteers, management, and physicians who were involved with our Foundation to secure major gifts."

Steve Meyerson
Principal, Meyerson & Associates

"As a twenty year fundraising veteran and a former regional vice president with the American Cancer Society, this is simply the best book on fundraising that I have ever read. Working with MH&A, I can say firsthand these steps and systems work!"

James Claitor,
Principal, Momentum to Execution

"Marshall's book picked up where my formal education left off. Even though the book was not written for financial planners, you can change five words and it applies. In out industry, everyone says relationshiips and networking are important. No one show you an easy-to-follow relationship building process... until now."

Jeff M. Mason, CFM
Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group

"For the first time in nonprofit management, Marshall Howard makes relationships and the steps and skills needed to build them come alive. This novel is a great learning tool."

Kylie Wright,
Program Director The Green Foundation

"This little book is chock full of golden nuggets and highlighted nuances that make such a huge difference in building stronger relationships. As a former client of MH&A with Big Brothers Big Sisters, I made lots of miracles happen with this system."

Paul Oleniacz,
Director of Development St. Joseph Family Center

"This book is a must read for nonprofit leaders and fund development personnel. I immediately set about having our management team read it as well, including our Director of Volunteer Recruitment. The learning novel approach works and makes this a very easy and enjoyable read, while still underscoring the critical value of relationship building."

Warren M. Grymes,
Chief Executive Officer Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida

"An easy read, full of life experiences. This book helps make that important transition to being more successful in cultivating donor relationships. That's what empowers you to meet your objectives."

Richard George,
President Junior Achievement of West Central Florida, Inc.

"This book finally provides a step-by-step relationship building system by an author and consultant with long and deep experience in delivering successful outcomes. Read it and take away the 'how to's.'"

Frank McIntosh,
Former President Junior Achievement of Delaware, Inc.

"If you don't have the opportunity to hear Marshall Howard speak, participate in one of his workshops, or engage his firm as we did, make this book your relationship building Bible. He's the 'dean' of relationship building."

Bob D. Olson, CFRE
Partner St. Clair Partners, LLC

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