Training That
Grows Capacity

skills that create sustainable
growth for all departnments

Build Organization Capacity

Tailored to fit your entire organization or even a specific department... We'll show your staff what to do and what to say to build pure genuine connections with people crucial to your organization's growth.
We'll help you solve the problem... How can I afford to train my staff and board? Give us a call - we can help you get a grant.

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Our programs include follow-up coaching and consulting.

  1. Relationship Building Essentials
    Apply the four fundamentals that build genuine feelings of mutual rapport and trust. Make appointments you've been unable to get. Build a mission supporter in a single visit. Retain more donors and grow their commitment. Create a genuine rapport in minutes. Build stakeholder "mosaics" to easily uncover their values, goals, treasures, and passions.
  2. Communications Made Simple
    Fine-tune your relationship building communication style by using words and phrases that connect you faster. Flex your communication style to fit others needs. Connect deeper with your co-workers, board members and existing donors. Develop your own icebreaker to use on the phone or in a room full of strangers.
  3. Pressure Free Relationship Fundraising
    Find freedom from the endless cycle of transactional fundraising. Discover how you and your board can easily move into the less stressful and more productive world of relationship centered development. Use every event to identify new, major gift prospects. Create a plan to use before, during and after each fundraising event. Secure priceless introductions and referrals.
With Our Help You'll:
  • Create Supporters In A Single Visit
  • Retain More Donors
  • Build Gift Commitments
  • Fundraise Pressure-Free
  • Create Climates Of Cooperation
  • Eliminate Silos To Build Stronger Teams
  • Open Lines Of Communication
  • Reduce Conflict And Resistance To Change
  • Build Unity And Collaboration

Relationship Strategies That

Build Your Capacity

Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in capacity building. Our products focus solely on showing development professionals and their boards, step-by-step, how to grow their mission by making relationships stronger and more genuine.