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Live Video Training

Led by Marshall, each month you'll experience an hour-long session. This session will include live interactive video, with Q&A breakouts, poll-based learning, open chat, a field assignment to help implement the skills you learned, and an excercise to prepare you for the next session.

Course Syllabus

Session 1
Relationships Can Help You Raise Over $500k More

In our first session, we’ll dispel the beliefs most people have about relationships and focus on learning the relationship-building essentials that raise more money. We’ll also start to develop your personal relationship fundraising plan.

Session 2
Build Trust in Every Communication

Whether you contact your donors and prospects via the phone, email, Twitter or FaceBook, we’ll show you how to infuse every touch with more emotion. You’ll learn how to flex your communications to build more trust.

Session 3
Measure Relationships Instantly

In our third course you’ll learn to use our the most important tool, the ability to measure the success of your relationship building efforts. This skill makes charting your genuine connections repeatable and measurable. You’ll also learn an easy way to gauge how connected your donors feel to you.

Session 4
Mix the 1st Two Relationship Essentials into Fundraising

The fourth time we gather in the spirit of becoming better relationship builders, you’ll learn the first two crucial skills that make building a relationship a process, not an accident! We’ll show you comfortable ways to reach out and put the other person first. This process helps you overcome your traditional fundraising obstacles.

Session 5
Mix the 2nd Two Relationship Essentials into Fundraising

Now that you’re comfortable with the first two vital relationship skills, we’ll complete your toolbox. In our fifth course, we’ll show you how to naturally be more curious and uncover common interests, values and goals. Now you’ll have four easy ways to connect with virtually anyone.

Session 6
Build Relationships that Get More Meetings

Employing the skills we’ve learned in our first five sessions, we’ll now focus exclusively on what to do and what to say on the phone. Using this proven technique, you’ll get more appointments with your supporters. Our clients are amazed at how willing donors and prospects are to meet with them.

Session 7
Lead Relationship Building Meetings

Now that you’ve had a month to schedule some important meetings, we’ll concentrate on bringing what you learned to life. In this session, we’ll guide you through an easy-to-follow meeting format that focuses on what to say and what do, from hello to goodbye. You’ll move your donors up the relationship ladder in about 60 minutes.

Session 8
Uncover and Deliver Wins

The key to happy donors is your ability to deliver wins to them. We’ll learn how to build relationships that uncover personal, business and spiritual win opportunities. You’ll create easy and inexpensive ways to deliver a high-impact touch plan by applying our 10 Win/Win Commandments.

Session 9
Tap Into All of Your Donor’s Resources

As you continue to grow existing relationships and build new ones, we’ll show you how to unleash a supporter’s full potential to help. In our ninth course, we’ll unveil a strategy that categorizes four donor types. We’ll show you how to maximize your Return on Connection by building a donor’s resource web. This model provides you with comfortable ways your donor can help.

Session 10
Introduction to the Pressure-Free Ask

The tenth time the session meets we’ll answer the three most important questions when making an ask. When to ask? Who should make the ask? What to ask for? This relationship model eliminates all the guesswork and anxiety. Better yet, it prevents you from asking a donor for $500 who could bring your organization ten times that amount, through their referrals and introductions.

Session 11
Make the Pressure-Free Ask

In our second to last session, we’ll concentrate on exactly how to ask. This proven relationship process leads to more donors who say yes. You’ll have a pressure-free conversation framework that utilizes everything you learned in the first ten sessions. We’ll show you how to confirm that you’ve chosen the right gift suggestion for each specific donor.

Session 12
Grow Their Commitment

Our final session wiil be devoted to keeping your relationships dynamic. We’ll help you identify easy ways to acquire introductions and referrals from your existing donors and supporters. To make your development more sustainable, we’ll show you how to apply what you learned in this 12-part course to get new donors from event participants.

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