Where The
Journey Begins

Oscar's relationship building
starts with his board chair

About The Book -
Let's Have Lunch Together

How To Reach Out And Build More Powerful Relationships

"Buy this groundbreaking book! Then go off and read it at lunch. Then follow the steps and never eat lunch alone again."

T. Seiler, Ph.D.
Director, Public Service and
The Fundraising School
Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University

If you enjoy the thrill of uncovering your hidden strengths, you'll love what you'll discover inside this fun learning novel. Follow Oscar, a somewhat stressed and overworked nonprofit Executive Director as he struggles to move his organization and career to the next level.

Although written for nonprofits, this little bestseller has spread like wildfire into the business community. After their initial exposure to Let's Have Lunch Together on nonprofit boards, many executives have adopted Oscar's practices and put them to work growing strategic business alliances, as well as improving customer and vendor relationships.

There's probably a little bit of Oscar in all of us. He's a great person, who's deeply committed, has a strong vision, and works extremely hard. Like most of us, he's challenged by time, staff, and a tightening budget. He fears things will stay the same and he fears things will change.

"I enjoyed this easy read and immediately put into practice Oscar's techniques with my clients. What a blast!"

Jeff M. Mason, CFM
Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group

There's really only one thing holding Oscar back. Although he feels he's building tons of relationships, he's actually building tons of micro-connections. He just can't figure out what more he can do, or what he can do differently to move his micro-connections into strong collaborative relationships.

Follow his journey, as a highly successful businesswoman from his board, helps him transform a $500 donor into a $10,000 annual giver, strangers into $25,000 major gift donors, and a friend, who donates sodas, into a supporter who helps him raise $250,000 each and every year. Imagine growing your customers' commitments on this level. Oscar's successes are not fiction. They're very real. Our clients actually made all of this happen, and much more.

"Spending time with this book was the most fun I've ever had being trained. At first I resisted, then I realized, 'This is my story.' I finally got the 'Ah ha.' This is a resource that I use over and over."

Tim Reese
Executive Director
California / Nevada Community Action Partnership

Step-by-step, you'll see exactly Oscar converts his board into a powerful leadership team and turns an unhappy donor into his strongest community advocate - an advocate who subsequently helps him raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Imagine having these types of strategic relationships supporting you and your business?

If you're a president, executive director, senior manager, board member, or responsible for sales, development, customer service or marketing, sit back and enjoy this fun book. You'll experience a whole new world in your work and your life too.

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Everyone talks about the importance of relationships in capacity building. Our products focus solely on showing development professionals and their boards, step-by-step, how to grow their mission by making relationships stronger and more genuine.